Eastern VS. Western Medicine

A rendering of a buddhist doctor that went along with an essay about eastern medicine verses western medicine.

Create Tomorrow

Poster for a scholarship opportunity for the
Art Institutes of America and America for the Arts.


DVD cover for the film Occult.

Africa: Blood & Guts

VHS cover for the film Africa: Blood & Guts for Shock Sinema.

Terrifying Trailers

VHS cover for the film Terrifying Trailers for Shock Sinema.

Fetish Files: Bettie Page

VHS cover for the film Fetish Files: Bettie Page for Shock Sinema.

Bootleg Death Tape

VHS cover for the film Bootleg Death Tape for Shock Sinema.

Daruma Watercolor

Good luck, it's a mixed media design for a daruma doll sticker.

'Lunk game for the 2013 Famicase Exhibition

'Lunk: Cave Adventure cartridge that appeared in the 2013 Famicase Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.

A commission portrait for Justin McDowell

A commissione dportrait for Justin McDowell.

It's Raining Kaiba

Portrait for the It's Raining Kaiba flip book which can be seen here.

Slime Cycle (by marcustegtmeier)

An Illustration titled Slime Cycle, designed as a digital print.

Her Master's Love page 4

A short horror comic titled Her Master's Love about an aging scientist who kidnaps a young female scientist and puts her head on a robot body, this is page 4.

Her Master's Love page 5

And this is page 5 of Her Master's Love.

Just a little piece of fanart of Moebius' Arzach. Jean Giraud A.K.A. Moebius is one of my favoite illustrators and a great inspiration to me as an artist.

A submission for the Bits in Multiples of 8 zine inspired by Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation. Snake has a beautiful mullet.

A piece appearing Bits in Multiples of 8 zine inspired by Metal Gear Solid for the Playstation. Snake has a beautiful mullet.

Another piece appearing Bits in Multiples of 8 zine, This one depects an action scene from the game Crystalis.

monster (by marcustegtmeier)

Sometimes I just like to draw strange Lovecraftian creatures.

Untitled-5 (by marcustegtmeier)

While I was in college I spent a lot of time both drawing girls and working on my line work.

gaurd hatchet to the head (by marcustegtmeier)

Worked on an action comic for a little while. This was one of my favorite images from it.

LHW002 (by marcustegtmeier)

A panel from a sci-fi western comic I worked on, the main character was a robot bounty hunter, these are it's legs.

A Barbarian (by marcustegtmeier)

A Conan: The Barbarian inspired illustration.

VW Club (by marcustegtmeier)

I used to drive a 1973 Volkswagen Beetle and I started a local vintage VW club.

Spirit Pokemon 02 (by Marcus Tegtmeier)

A Spirit Pokémon comic I drew about a couple of my friends.

Spirit Pokemon 01 (by Marcus Tegtmeier)

A Spirit Pokémon comic I drew about myself.

FRANKENWAGEN (by Marcus Tegtmeier)

Another piece inspired by my old bug, which I called the "FrankenFine".
Ed "Big Daddy" Roth is also inspirational to me as an illustrator.

illo-3.tif (by marcustegtmeier)

This is one of the characters I drew for the first Ignite Lincoln advertising poster

Up All Night

This is an album cover design for the Up All Night Podcast.

The Grid

A luggage sticker design for Gulfoss Travel Supply Co..
I'm a big Tron fan so making this sticker was quite a treat.

Logo for the men's boutique

Logo for mate, a men's botique.

Friendly Ghost Collective logo.

Shock Sinema logo.

Clean website design for Robinette Tree Farms.

Design for my old portfolio site.

Title logo for 'Lunk: Cave Adventure.

St. Sylvester Catholic Church Inaugural Flag Day 5K Run t-shirt design.

America City Records logo.

Website design for author Emily Danforth

Hotmarcus Japanese logo

Hotmarcus cigarettes logo

Hotmarcus clean blog design

Backend employees only area for the
Information Technology Group at The University of Nebraska, Lincoln

University template specific blog design
for the New Media Center The University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Terror At Black Tree Forest title logo (by Marcus Tegtmeier)

Terror At Black Tree Forrest title card logo

“The Skunkape Story” (by marcustegtmeier)

Dustin Ferguson's The Skunkape Story movie poster

Return To Horror House (by marcustegtmeier)

Dustin Ferguson's Return To Horror House movie poster

Terror At Black Tree Forest Official Poster (by marcustegtmeier)

Dustin Ferguson's Terror At Black Tree Forrest movie poster

Cereal Killer Finished (by marcustegtmeier)

Ceral Killer

Micky Mouse & Donald Duck in: Blood Orgy In The Black Lagoon (Finished) (by marcustegtmeier)

Micky Mouse & Donald Duck in: Blood Orgy In The Black Lagoon

Return of Spevil (Finished) (by marcustegtmeier)

Return of Spevil

“On The Run” (by marcustegtmeier)

On The Run

Get ‘Em (by marcustegtmeier)

Get 'Em

Fantastic Planet (by marcustegtmeier)

Fantastic Planet


  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • XML
  • Flash
  • ActionScript
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Inking
  • Screen Printing
  • Photography
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • JavaScript

Employment History:

2004 – present → Freelance work

  • Designed posters and ads for Retro Horror Remix, Jurassic Park: The Musical, Ignite Lincoln, Nebraska Educational Telecommunications and Skate Zone.
  • Built websites for Emily Danforth, Baked Pretty and The Beatrice Community Players.
  • Painted a drink cooler for Meadowlark Coffee & Espresso and skateboards for the Little Monkey show in Australia and for the Tugboat gallery.
  • Co-created the local art and culture minizine Acid Free and created the comics magazines Gag-a-zine and FIEND! Magazine.
  • Some illustration and design work for HarperCollins Publishers.
  • Created a logo for America City Records.
  • Designed t-shirts for The Cupboard and St. Sylvester Catholic Church in Gulf Breeze Florida.
  • Designed a website to promote the book Higher Nutrition.
  • Designed luggage stickers for Gullfoss Travel Supply Company.

2012 → Jr. Web Developer — the minnow PROJECT

  • Worked on websites for the alexis PROJECT, Robinette Tree Forest and Southeast Nebraska Cancer Center.
  • Illustrations for Nebraska Buy Fresh, Buy Local guide and Nebraska Pork Producers.
  • Created promotional material for Lincoln Earth Day and the alexis PROJECT.
  • Designed, developed and animated a commercial for Shakespeare fishing.

2007 - 2009 → Multimedia Developer & Head Designer — The New Media Center

  • Created complex web graphics, posters, brochures and table tents using the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Mastered HTML and CSS to produce websites that utilized PHP, XML and JavaScript.
  • Charged with redesigning the backend employee clock-in system.
  • Worked heavily with Flash, Dreamweaver, Second Life, iPhone Applications, Augmented Reality and Drupal.

2008 - 2009 → Web Design Intern, The National Arbor Day Foundation

  • Maintained a number of sections of their website using HTML, CSS and ColdFusion.
  • Edited photos and created exciting graphics.
  • Designed e-newsletters for their Rainforest Coffees.